Our Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to educate the Mankato campus and community by developing a training kit and discussion panel with the intention of addressing gender based violence. Through development of this training kit, women and other participants will be empowered through sharing their lived experiences. 


We are a group of Gender and Women’s Studies students at Minnesota State University Mankato who came together through the Collective Action class to create a training kit to talk about violence against women. Through a feminist lens, we have decided to create a safe space for survivors of violence to come together to tell their stories as a form of empowerment and healing. These stories will be either recorded with the permission of the participants or submitted to our email in written form. The submissions will be compiled into an educational video. This video will be distributed through the university and the community to not only educate on the prevalence of violence in our community, but to create a discussion on how to fight against this violence and what resources are available in our community. We want to put faces in front of statistics, without objectifying the people who have faced violence. Violence hurts everyone, not just the person facing violence. Violence doesn’t care about the color of one’s skin, sexual orientation, class, ability, gender, etc.